July 22, 2021

By f_david

There are several things that you need to do to keep guests satisfied and improve your reviews. Not only can you feel good about the fact that your guests are leaving happy, but it can increase your occupancy rating. Those guests may book again and tell their friends. So, what things should you keep in mind when striving for great reviews?

1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is incredibly important when it comes to your guest satisfaction. It’s an expectation that the short-term rental will be spotless. That means from top to bottom it should be clean and well-maintained. Your guests won’t just be looking for things to be dust-free, they’ll also want everything in working condition. Plus, they’ll quickly become disappointed if they find mold growing somewhere, an oven that isn’t working correctly, or a hot tub that’s on the fritz.

2. Timeliness

If your guests arrive at check-in and the property isn’t ready for them, they can get impatient fast. It’s disappointing to arrive at your rental to find out you can’t even unpack yet or get cleaned up after traveling for an extended time. You need to make sure the property is always ready by if not before, check-in.

3. Availability

Your guests expect to be able to reach out to someone when they need assistance, no matter what time of day it is. Remember not everyone is on the same schedule. Offering emergency contact information is important. And responding to issues quickly can make or break your guest’s experience.

4. Convenience

Your guests want to be able to easily find your rental, so make sure that you provide clear instructions with the address. Let them know any details they need to be aware of before arriving, such as where to park and how to get into the property. Smart locks can make life easier for you and your guests by allowing them into the property without the need for a key handoff.

5. Generosity

Providing some amenities can go a long way for your guests. Think a welcome gift basket, snacks, drinks, or extra toiletries. These little extras can help improve their experience. While you’re at it, consider the amenities you offer in the short-term rental. What sets your rental apart from the competition?

These are just four things that can help improve your guests’ satisfaction and in turn the reviews they leave. Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews after your guests check-out. Giving them a little nudge can increase the likelihood they’ll take the time to leave an opinion.

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