June 16, 2021

By f_david

Are you thinking about upgrading your short-term rental to improve guest satisfaction and occupancy rates? Deciding what updates to make can be overwhelming. You may wonder what to invest your money in and what guests really want. There are a few things to consider as you decide what to prioritize.

1. Be a guest in your short-term rental for a couple of nights.

Instead of sleeping at home, spend a few nights at your short-term rental. See how comfortable and satisfied you are with the space. Experiencing it for yourself is a great way to pinpoint needed changes.

2. Invite loved ones to stay a night or two.

Do you want some outside assistance? Consider inviting your friends or family to stay in the rental for a night or two, then ask them what they think of it. Take notes based on their feedback. Encourage them to be honest and be careful not to take offense if they give you critical feedback.

3. Ask for feedback from guests.

One of the best ways to know what to upgrade in your short-term rental is to simply ask your guests. When you have guests stay over, have them take a survey afterward or, at the very least, provide you with some feedback via email, text, or over the phone.

4. See what other renters are doing.

Check out listings for other rentals in your area. That will allow you to gain some important insights. You can find out what they list their rental for, what amenities they offer, and even see how it’s decorated. Also, when you go and stay in rentals, consider what details you like best.

5. Seek expert advice.

Another great way to find out how to best update your rental is to talk to experts in the rental world. A trusted and experienced property manager can guide you in the right direction. They’ll be able to provide you with tips on how to update your property, how to attract guests, and tips for keeping them satisfied.

If you’re ready to partner with an excellent property management company, we invite you to connect with us at PMI: . We’d be happy to help you refresh your short-term rental and provide guidance on how to keep occupancy rates up. We look forward to hearing from you.