April 22, 2021

By f_david

There is a lot of competition in the short-term rental business which means you have to take some extra measures if you really want to stand out. There are, of course, many smaller amenities you can add to keep your guests happy such as complimentary toiletries and small kitchen appliances. However, in this blog, we’re going to step it up a notch and explore some things you can do to really add a wow factor to your property.

Pool and/or hot tub

A private pool or hot tub is one of the most valued amenities for people who are looking to book a vacation rental. There’s something incredibly relaxing about sitting in a hot tub on the deck or laying on a pool float as you drift around on the water.

Media room

We’re living in a high tech world. People love movies and video games. You could get a big-screen TV or a projector with a projector screen and create a theater room. You can also add a game console for extra entertainment. Throw in some theater seats like ultra cushy recliners, surround sound, a streaming service (like Netflix) and a library of DVDs (or video games) and you have yourself a luxury amenity to offer.

Game room

A game room can be a lot of fun. You can put a pool table, ping pong table, air hockey table and/or foosball table in there. You can also have a shelf with a wide variety of board games or jigsaw puzzles for your guests to choose from.

Nice grill with accessories

Don’t just get a cheap grill to offer to your guests. Get a nice, reliable grill that will wow them, then add some grilling accessories to make outdoor cooking a real convenience.


A sauna can be a nice addition to a vacation home. Many people love to sit in a sauna and enjoy the warmth and relaxation.

Modes of transportation

Make it easy for your guests to get around. Add some bikes and/or kayaks for your guests to utilize while they’re staying at your property.

There are many ways you can give your guests a little something extra and put your property ahead of the competition. These are just a few of the things you could highlight when advertising your property to potential renters. If you wow your guests, they’ll be more likely to leave you great reviews and tell their friends about their stay.

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