March 17, 2021

By f_david

You often hear about companies wanting to market to millennials. But what exactly does the millennial generation consist of? It’s actually quite a large group of people. The term “millennials” refers to anyone who was born between  1981 and 1996. While not everyone in this age group fits the stereotype of their generation, there are some key takeaways we can consider. Especially, if we’re trying to market to this generation.

Let’s first discuss why you might want to market to millennials. As a property owner of a vacation rental, it’s important for you to be aware of the fact that traveling is typically very important to this generation. In fact, according to¬†Airbnb, “60% of all guests who have ever booked on Airbnb are millennials.” This means over half of the people who booked on this travel site were in the millennial generation. Millennials, overall, tend to love traveling. In fact, the report also mentioned how many of them actually value traveling over saving up to buy a home. Most millennials want to experience the world, they have an adventurous spirit and a desire to see new things. That’s why this generation can be an ideal group to target when trying to achieve more bookings with your property.

So, how do you make your property more attractive to millennials?

Market adventures and food

Let’s go back to the fact that they often seek adventures. This can help you determine what types of things you want to highlight in your listing. Mention unique experiences they can have in the local area. But, don’t just stick to tourist spots, go deeper. Millennials often want to delve into the area and find the things that locals enjoy. You can utilize this when you’re creating a guide for local recommendations. Mention your favorite restaurants in the area (many millennials are foodies), some fun things that locals like to do and any other unusual experiences they can participate in.

Speaking of millennials loving food, you may want to mention culinary experiences beyond just local restaurants such as food tours or culinary classes. You can even take this a step further. Prepare a gift basket of local goodies for your guests. Have it ready for them when they arrive. Think local cheeses from a farm down the street, honey from a local beekeeper, or a food specialty of the area. Fill the basket with your local favorites. This covers two things millennials love – learning about local culture and enjoying delicious foods.

Keep in mind, this generation was made more aware of dietary restrictions. They also tend to be more aware of what they’re putting in their bodies. When you recommend restaurants, don’t forget to suggest ones that will meet those needs – ones that offer gluten-free options, vegan options and more. You can also mention local stores where people with particular dietary needs can find treasured staples that a standard grocery store may not offer.

Give them coffee

Moving on from food, don’t forget the coffee! Coffee is huge to the millennial generation. They may not all drink coffee, but it’s a favorite among many. That doesn’t mean you should just provide a standard coffee maker for your guests, though. Go beyond that. You can offer a Keurig or another single cup coffee maker, french press or espresso machine. Also, don’t forget the coffee grinder for those who prefer to drink freshly ground coffee.

Remember the importance of technology

Another thing this generation tends to love is technology. Many of them have grown up with it – it’s become an essential part of life. They want to be able to reach out to friends and search the web quickly. They want to keep up to date and be able to stay charged. They also want to stream their favorite shows and listen to music. So, ensure that you have enough outlets in your household and that they’re located in convenient places.

People usually like to charge their phones by the bed or the couch, for example. You can update some of your outlets to ones that also include an option to plug in USB devices. Don’t forget your TV. A smart TV or one with a Roku or Google Chrome can go along way. This will allow your guests to stream from their favorite services. If you want to go even further, you can include streaming services they can use like Netflix or Hulu. Don’t forget the Bluetooth speakers in the house for when your guests just want to turn up the music. You can also consider adding additional smart devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo to make their stay even more enjoyable.

Offer lots of amenities

Remember to think of amenities when you’re considering your guests. Guests of all ages love extras. The millennial generation will not just appreciate the coffee, local foodie gift basket and tech devices, but also a few other things. You could offer kayaks or bikes for them to enjoy when they’re out adventuring or high-end appliances (small or large) for when they’re cooking up dishes in the kitchen. Beyond the amenities, you also want to provide an environment or experience that is Instagramable.

Think Instagram

Many millennials are on Instagram. They love to show off delicious dishes they’re enjoying, beautiful scenery, new looks and amazing places. They share anything that they’re excited about and what they want their followers to know about. This can be an excellent marketing opportunity for vacation property owners. So, consider ways you might make your property more Instagramable and what experiences you may recommend to them that they will want to share on Instagram.

Be flexible with the check-in time

Another thing to keep in mind when marketing to millennials is that many of them value flexibility. That means, many of them will be looking for flexible check-in times. This allows them to visit at the time of day that works best for them, whether they’re taking off work and leaving first thing in the morning, or they’re heading out after supper and not arriving till late at night. Offering flexible check-in times is almost a necessity with this generation.

Be eco-friendly

Let’s also keep in mind that this generation tends to be more Earth-conscious. This means they appreciate when property owners take added steps to be more eco-friendly. If there are ways you can incorporate this into your property, do so, and don’t forget to mention that in your listing.

Targeting the millennial generation is a lucrative venture for vacation property owners. You may just need to take a few extra steps to get your property ready and update your guidebook to include things that may be of interest to this group. Don’t forget to remind your happy guests to give you reviews after they’ve stayed with you. Many millennials will read reviews before they choose your property, so good reviews often mean more bookings.

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